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Black Defence Daruma Doll Enamel Pin

Black Defence Daruma Doll Enamel Pin

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'Ki Enamel Pin Collection', a series of 7 enamel pins, influenced by the ideas behind the famous Japanese Daruma Doll.

This pin has been designed by Dom Tsoi and made into hard enamel, gold plated pins with a metal clutch. The pin is 30mm.

Black defence pin - Wearing this pin will give you protection against 'bad juju' or any negative energy that is not welcome and brings positive vibes.

History of the Daruma Doll

In short, the history of the Daruma Doll is based off Bodhidharma, a legendary monk who was the founder of Zen Buddhism. It’s still a mystery as to whether he was ever a living person; nonetheless, he is still an important figure in Zen tradition.

Known for his meditation, folklore depicts that Bodhidharma suffered the loss of his arms and legs as a consequence of mediating for nine years, without breaks and fixating on one spot. By doing so he became one with nature and the Earth.

The Daruma Doll is a symbol of Bodhidharma’s position and features and has become a celebrated household item in Japanese culture. The talisman is a mixture of supernatural and psychological appeal, with a method on how to use it for one’s beliefs and goals.

Traditionally, the Daruma Doll has missing eyes; the user selects a goal or dream and paints in one eye. Once the desired goal or dream is achieved, the second eye is filled in. In this way, every time the user sees the one-eyed Daruma, they recall the goal, motivating them to achieve it.

There are also reasons behind the choice of colour of the Daruma Doll. Each colour has its own meaning, based on beliefs, superstitions, and legends.

Perseverance is the key teaching of the Daruma Doll.

Dom Tsoi Instagram - @D_tsoi1

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